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Satin which is one of the most common, most versatile, and most durable wedding dress fabrics. Love it for its smooth finish.

Charmeuse is a light, rich fabric with a lovely drape and glossy sheen, extremely light weight and luxurious.

Chiffon is another fabric that is lightweight and sheer, it is often used in layers or as an overlay for a more substantial fabric. It is beautiful and delicate.

Organza another favorite of mine, is sheer and more structured though still light and ethereal. It is perfect for warmer weather weddings.

Lastly, Tulle the fabric that can incorporate lace designs, provide volume and flair to a gown. 



It is such a romantic fabric, it offers so much to a wedding gown, embellishment. elegance and grace. Great for a variety of styles, mostly used as an overlay or to create more drama in a gown.

The love of lace, a romantic fabric

E​mbellishments, Trims and feathers

The embellishments will be suggested depending on the design of the dress. A array of embellishments will be discussed. What will make you and your dress more beautiful is the goal.

Work with embellishments and feathers
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