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  We offer an array of services that you can choose from!

The process starts from sketch to production at Laprisse Bridal Couture

We can create an original gown for you that no other bride will have.
A Wedding Gown sketch based off a Cake Design
Alterations will be done to ensure perfect fit.

Sketching your dress

It starts with a consultation via phone, zoom or in person. We go over what you are looking for, what you envision yourself in for your special day. We go over preferences such as A line, form fitting gowns, silhouettes and styles  that will best compliment your figure.  

Have a gown designed that compliments the rest of your wedding vision

Plus, if you want to add elements of design from your wedding, such as your cake or something that is of sentimental value to you. We will see what we can work with to make it possible, as long as the vision is reasonable.


Alterations will be done to provide the perfect fit. The dress must fit and feel comfortable to your liking.

Wedding and Event Planning

You are in luck! We can also help plan your wedding ( Optional ). We strive to provide the best services, listen to your needs, connect you with the best ven​dors, attention to detail at all times, and make sure your event goes on smoothly.

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We also offer Wedding and Event planning services


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